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About us



          "Life is not about the things you have, but the feelings, the memories, the smiles and the laughter they bring you".


         Our Patina effect encompasses life in all kinds of things. A new post worn smooth where hands always land, a leather trunk that carries cuts and scratches. That takes us on a journey of old times, velvet that is faded and tarnished or a pot covered in moss. It is the essence of a design philosophy that has evolved throughout our lives, both personally and professionally.  It all started when, after years of studying in France, designing interiors and furniture for other people, we had the opportunity to transfer all of our knowledge and skills to open a home studio where anyone and everyone can find a recipe for there own dream homes. We created Joly Thomas Home Milk Paint which gives us the old finish we were looking for but couldn't find. We design interiors, style furniture, we create an atmosphere and teach antique finishes in our studio in Konstancin. Joly Thomas Home is Us.


Jolanta Tomaszewska Interior Designer



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